The 2024 Legislative session ended Feb 15. Tip: Sort: Passed (on the upper right of your bill list) is useful now.

About the New Mexico Bill Tracker

The NM Bill Tracker is a free service for following pending legislation in the New Mexico legislature, written by Akkana Peck.

I wrote it because I was frustrated at how difficult it is to find out when bills are actively being considered in the legislature. I wanted something I could use to track bills and send me alerts when important issues are coming up for a vote.

I also want to help make it easier for everybody to keep track of what our government is doing and take an active role in government, to help our state move in the right direction. If you're interested in being more active in New Mexico's government, the NM League of Women Voters has lots of info on the LWVNM Action page (disclaimer: I'm the webmaster).

Privacy and Email Addresses

The NM Bill Tracker doesn't store any personal information about you. It asks for your email address so it can send you updates on bills. Email addresses are not used for any other purpose, and will never be shared with outside projects or companies, or even with other NM Bill Tracker users.

If you don't want email updates and just want to check bill status online with a web browser, you can leave the email field blank.

If you initially provide an email address, then change your mind and decide you don't want email updates after all, go to Settings and make the Email field blank.

Can it be used in other states?

Right now the Bill Tracker only works in New Mexico, but it should be fairly easy to extend it to any state that makes bill status available online. The NM Bill Tracker uses Python's Beautiful Soup module to scrape the New Mexico Legislative website. if you're interested in using Bill Tracker in your state, I'd be happy to work with you to integrate scrapers for other states into the Bill Tracker source code. Drop me a line.

The BillTracker is free open source software, written in Python/Flask. The BillTracker source code is on GitHub. Contributions are welcome!

Problems, pet peeves or wish list? Contact Akkana.

About the New Mexico Bill Tracker