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NM Bill Tracker Help

For now, just a few tips on things that might not be obvious:

Track More Bills

This page lets you add a bill to your tracking list by designation, e.g. HB51. It also shows you the bills you're currently tracking

Popular Bills

This gives you an idea of which bills other people are tracking. It's a good way to notice bills you might care about that you might not otherwise have noticed.

All Bills

The All Bills page will show you all the bills that have been filed during this legislative session. It is slow to load because there are so many bills and it needs to keep the information current.

The BillTracker keeps track of which bills it has already showed you; new ones you haven't seen are listed first. It's a great way of keeping track of newly filed bills to see if you care about them.

It also includes checkboxes: you can mark bills you want to add to or subtract from your tracking list, then click on Track/Untrack Bills.

All Bills is one of the few pages that don't require that you log in first. But of course, if you aren't logged in, the BillTracker can't tell which bills you've already seen, so it won't show you new vs. old bills, and you can't add or remove bills from your list.


You can change your password or email address here. Email addresses must be confirmed: you will get an email from the BillTracker with a confirmation code. Without a confirmed email address, you can still use the BillTracker website.

If you no longer want to receive email alerts you can clear your email address.

Links on Bills

Most links on the BillTracker to a bill, committee or legislator will open in a new tab, so your BillTracker page is still available.

Links Page

The Links page has links I've found useful for navigating the legislative session. For instance, for committees that don't list their schedules on the committee's page, you can find a list of all committee calendars, as well as the House and Senate calendars, on the Links page.

Many of the links are to the League of Women Voters of New Mexico. The BillTracker is run by the LWVNM webmaster and was originally intended to be a LWVNM project; it was split off as a separate project primarily because of technical limitations on the LWVNM's web host.

Other Questions?

If there's something you find confusing in the BillTracker that you think should be documented here, contact Akkana.