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NM Bill Tracker Help

A few tips on things that might not be obvious:

How Do I Track a New Bill, or Stop Tracking a Bill?

There are two ways to add bills to your tracking list, or remove them from the list.

The easiest way is the All/New Bills page, which lists the titles of all the bills in the current session.. Bills you haven't seen before will be listed first, under New Bills. All other bills will be listed below the new bills.

Each bill has either a Track button (if you're not yet tracking it) or an Untrack button. Click the Track/Untrack buttons on as many bhills as you want to add or remove, then click Track/Untrack.

If you know the designation (e.g. SB1) of a specific bill you want to track, the Track by # page lets you type in a bill designation then click Track a Bill to add it to your list. That page also shows all the bills you're tracking, so you can remove bills from your list by marking the Untrack button next to the bills you want to remove, then clicking Untrack Bills.

How Do I Find Out About New Bills?

The All/New Bills page keeps track of the bills you've seen, and will show you new bills you haven't seen yet at the top, along with bills that have had some sort of major change. Older bills are listed below that. I usually check this page daily during the session.

You can also go to the Popular Bills page, where you can get an idea of which bills other people are tracking. It's a good way to notice important bills you might not otherwise have noticed.

What Do All Those Weird Terms Mean in a Bill's Status?

NMLegis has a Glossary that explains many of the terms, but here are a few they don't explain:

Signed by the Governor
Not Printed
Ruled "not germane" in a 30-day session, so the bill is dead

Decoding a bill's status is a real art. For instance, a status might say something like:
SCORC/SJC-SCORC [15] DNP-CS/DP-SJC [21] DP/a - PASSED/S (40-0) [12] HHHC-HHHC [13] DP/a [15] PASSED/H (59-0) [24] s/cncrd SGND BY GOV (Apr. 3) Ch.227.code>

SCORC/SJC-SCORC The bill started in the SCORC (Senate Corporations & Transportation) committee, with a referral to SJC (Senate Judiciary Committee) afterward.
[15] DNP-CS/DP-SJC On legislative day 15, it was given a Do Not Pass recommendation, but a Do Pass recommendation on Committee Substitution, which means the committee made suggested amendments to the bill, then it was passed to SJC.
[21] DP/a - PASSED/S (40-0) On day 21, SJC passed it, and then the Senate passed it 40-0.
[12] HHHC-HHHC [13] DP/a Meanwhile, in the House, the companion bill moved on day 12 to HHHC (House Health and Human Services Committee), which on day 13 recommended a Do Pass with Amendments (DP/a).
[15] PASSED/H (59-0) On day 15, the bill passed 59-0 in the House.
[24] s/cncrd SGND BY GOV (Apr. 3) Ch.227 On day 24, the Senate concurred (with the House amendments), and the bill was signed by the Governor.

For a list of these abbreviations, including the committee abbreviations, see NMLegis' Action Abbreviations.

Can I use the Bill Tracker Without Creating an Account?

The main purpose of the Bill Tracker is to keep an eye on your specific list of bills, and most of its pages don't make sense without that. But the All Bills page is available without logging in, offering links to every bill filed in the current session along with links to the bill's page on NMLEGIS and the text (contents) of the bill. Of course, if you're not logged in, the page won't keep track of which bills are new to you.

How Do I Add, Remove or Change My Email Address?

You can change your password or email address in Settings. Email addresses must be confirmed: you will get an email from nmbilltracker.org with a confirmation code. You won't receive any email alerts until you confirm the email address, though you can still use the Bill Tracker.

If you no longer want to receive email alerts, you can clear your email address.

NMLEGIS Links Open in a New Tab

Most links on the Bill Tracker to a bill, committee or legislator will open in a new tab, so your Bill Tracker page is still available.

Helpful Links

The Links page has links I've found useful for following the legislative session. For instance, for committees that don't list their schedules on the committee's page, you can find a list of all committee calendars, as well as the House and Senate calendars, on the Links page.

Many of the links go to the League of Women Voters of New Mexico website. The Bill Tracker is not an official LWV project, but it is run by the LWVNM webmaster with cooperation from the League.

Other Questions?

If there's something you find confusing in the Bill Tracker that you think should be documented here, contact Akkana.